Several 304 stainless steel pipes/ss tubes commonly used in anti-theft nets

We often see news on the Internet about the tragedy of a child falling from a building in a certain community. These are all because there is no anti-theft net installed on the windows of the house. Initially, the main function of the anti-theft window was to prevent theft, but now we should regard the “anti-theft net” as a “safety net”. For the safety of relatives, especially those with children at home, all high-rise buildings must be equipped with anti-theft nets.
So what collocation of 304 stainless steel pipes does the anti-theft net mainly use? The most classic combination is square tube 25*25 and round tube 19, distance tube 38*25 and round tube 22, distance tube 25*13 and round tube 18, and the latest matching is distance tube 38*25 and square tube 19* 19.
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Post time: Jun-17-2021

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