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On March 11, the price of stainless steel continued to callback, with some 201 stainless steel falling by 100 ~ 350 yuan / ton and some 304 stainless steel falling by 1500 ~ 2400 yuan / ton.


Recently, the international nickel incident has heated up, and the upward range of price is amazing. In the afternoon of March 7, LME nickel prices rose by nearly 30%, and achieved an increase of 72.67% in March 7. Overseas institutions attempt to take this opportunity to force Chinese stainless steel giant “Castle Peak”. Recently, Castle Peak responded that it would replace domestic metal nickel plates with its high matte nickel, which has been deployed to nickel metal spot for delivery through various channels, temporarily lifting the alarm.


Quotation of domestic mainstream stainless steel enterprises


Affected by the rise of nickel price, the recent domestic stainless steel market turmoil is more obvious. The stainless steel market price in the second week of March increased significantly compared with the first week of March, with a maximum increase of 21900 yuan / ton per ton. The price of cold-rolled, 201 stainless steel reached 11200 yuan / ton on March 4, and quickly adjusted to 11500 yuan / ton on March 7, with a price increase of 300 yuan / ton. The price of cold rolled 201 stainless steel of the same series was adjusted back to 11500 on March 10, with a decrease of 350 yuan / ton.


Post time: Mar-25-2022

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